Areas of Expertise

Antitrust and Competition Law

Many agreements between companies, whether these are cooperation contracts, acquisitions, distribution or franchise contracts, contain clauses subject to the strict limitations of competition law. Agreements on prices or terms and conditions are a case in point. That is why the permissibility of certain agreements and contracts must be reviewed according to Austrian and European competition law.

Our team has broad experience in these matters and advises clients from a variety of trades and industries in matters of antitrust and distribution law.

  • We draw up cooperation contracts according to the relevant legal parameters.
  • We advise and represent in mergers and attend to their being registered on national and EU-levels.
  • We advise businesses in respect of the leeway they have, e.g. in the context of conditions and rebate systems.
  • We draft contracts for bidding consortia.
  • We provide our clients with consultation on how to defend themselves against third parties conducting business in a way that might constitute a violation of antitrust legislation, or impact clients' development, as well as with support in "private enforcement".
  • We design distribution systems.
  • We represent clients before the federal and European competition authorities and the antitrust courts.